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Purchase beautiful and unique parasols for your wedding, graduation, or special event from our artist in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are very excited to bring you an entirely new way of looking at, and enjoying, second-line parasols.

A little Bit of History

Second Line is a tradition in brass band parades in Louisiana, especially New Orleans, Louisiana.  The term is also used in association with the traditional dance style. 

Music is an important part of most public events in traditional New Orleans culture.  Processions with music include the periodic parades of benevolent societies, social aid and pleasure clubs and of course the famous funerals with music, e.e. jazz funerals. 

The "first line" of a funeral consisted of the Krewe (family & friends) of the deceased.  The "Second Line" originally referred to people who were attacted to the music.  Traditionally such people would follow behind the "first Line". 

To follow such processions because one enjoyed the music came to be known as the "second line" or to be "second lining".  Uninhibited dancing at processions also came to be called "second lining".

TODAY, "second line" types of dances are held independent of funerals.  Examples of modern uses include:  ANY & ALL EVENTS/CELEBRATION, i.e. weddings, carnivals, birth of a child, graduations, to name a few.  Also, the style has spread beyond the confines of the city of New Orleans, for example, in the Boston area "second line" brass bands and other brass bands lead the senior in their procession from the Harvard houses to the university's graduation ceremony. 


Exclusive Designs

As an artist, the parasol is our owner's canvas. Her work is exclusive in that each parasol is custom made to the client's individual specifications. As a client, you can choose from any of our wonderful designs or have our artist customize a unique design per your specifications. The sky's the limit. What you desire can be incorporated into your new parasol to meet and exceed your expectations. Our parasols are actually more than just for second line. They are an exquisite accessory to your wardrobe.

Individually-Made Parasols
Each parasol is made individually, so no two are exactly alike. They are carefully hand-decorated and embellished in both feminine and masculine styles and made exclusively for you. From tea time to wedding parasols, we've got the perfect accessory for any event. Contact us today to place your orders. We are now located in the French Market of the French Quarter in New Orleans Thursday - Sunday.  Stop by and visit with us if you're in the area. 

E-mail us in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a little slice of the South in the form of creative parasols.

In Her Own Words
"My art and decorating of umbrellas have evolved into a wonderful business in which I am living out many of the memories of my life and creating new memories as I meander my way into so many people's hearts and lives through my parasols. My designs are elegant and soft, some are elegant yet masculine; individually made with exquisite quality. My designs memorialize things in people's lives. They are also just enjoyed for the beauty that brought them about as a result of my life's memories. Ultimately, my designs are more than just an umbrella. They are what they are: an accessory to your wardrobe."

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